How do bees feel in Latvia? Expert discussion.

From May 20, 2020 11:00

Experts discussion webinar on the topic "How bees do feel in Latvia".

The aim of the discussion is to draw public attention to the link between the use of pesticides and the rapid extinction of bees.

What is the situation in Latvia? Does the existing legal framework provide sufficient protection for bees and beekeepers? Signatures are currently being collected in the European Union to call on the European Commission to change its pesticide regulations to better protect pollinators and farmers. How justified are such claims?

We would like to present you with a study on the experience of Latvian beekeepers when bees come into contact with pesticides. Bee extinction is a problem in many parts of the world, so the authors of the study were interested in how Latvian beekeepers experience it.

The discussion will be attended by:

Jānis Rozītis, Director of the World Wide Fund for Nature, will talk about bees and their connection with biodiversity

Jānis Sietiņsons, owner of Z / S Kalna smīdes 1 and beekeeper, will share his experience about bees

Jana Simanovska, Head of the Ecodesign Competence Center, will inform about the factors that affect bees

Agita Pusvilka, anthropologist, will present a study of how Latvian beekeepers experience bee exposure to pesticides

Valters Brusbārdis, researcher of the Latvian Beekeeping Society, will talk about the importance and welfare of bees in Latvia and in the world The discussion will be moderated by:

Sanita Rībena, host of the RadioNABA program Nezāle.

During the discussion there will be an opportunity to ask questions in writing.

A link to the discussion is available here -

The study on bees and the discussion are funded by the Global Greengrants Fund. The researchers are not affiliated with producers or traders.

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