World bee day - A festive online gathering in honor of the World Bee Day

From May 20, 2020 14:00

A festive online gathering in honor of the world bee day - a buzzing meetup of bee lovers from around the world.

An international convention honoring the bees of our world, addressing the general population, and also bees and nature enthusiasts. Part of the convention will be dedicated to people who use natural beekeeping approaches, the approaches that empower and support the bee swarms, and create contact and solidarity between the people who care about their well-being.

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14:00-15:30 Hive Park
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As accustomed to Hyde Park, where a person can speak his heart out, we will gather in an open space in which beekeepers from all over the world can present themselves, their projects and doings, and meet colleagues from different countries.

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15:30-18:00 - a conversation with professional bee lovers around the world.
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Allbert Muller - Nijbroek - Nederland
Michael Joshin Thiele - Apis Arborea‎- Los Angeles
Adrian Lodice - beekeeping naturally - Melbourne
Karmit Evenzur - Bee Time - Spain
Ferry Schutzelaars- Harlem Nederlend
Tareq Nassar - Sinsila Center مركز سنسلة - East Jerusalem
Jacqueline Freeman - Spirit Bee - Washington
Yossi Aud - Bees & Love - Givat yearim

Tareq Nassar Yossi Aud Michael Joshin Thiele

18:00 -19:15 Ambassadors and bees
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A cross-continental ceremony including a live broadcast from the "Propolis" bee-center in "The Terrace" and from other hives around the world. the bee is an ambassador of harmony and sharing in our world. the human impulse for good neighboring between countries, societies, and cultures is represented at this part by ambassadors from around the world which will present bee organizations from their countries.
chairman of the meetup: the Slovenian ambassador, Mrs. Andreja Purkart Martinez, will present Slovenia land of the bees.
Ambassador of bees in Israel, Mr. Yossi Aud, will present Muslala and urban beekeeping in the natural path.

A joint bless for the well being of bees, humanity, and land on planet Earth.
An international guided meditation by Relly Aud.

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