"The World Bee Day Initiative units us and brings the World together."

In the context to upgrading the activities of raising awareness about the importance of bees and other pollinators and their vital role for agriculture, the environment and human livelihoods, which is the main objective of the World Bee Day initiative, we have launched an interactive exhibition entitled "Bee World", in a form of pavilion.

Consisting of wooden hexagonal elements that constitute comb foundations, a dome with 6 m in diameter and 3.5 m in height, by means of illustrative photos, video and other material of bees that reflects the recent technological advancements and the Slovenian knowledge provides a special experience to the visitor (please see the pamphlet enclosed).

It was first made available to public last autumn at the FAO headquarters, during the 25th session of the Committee on Agriculture (COAG).

In the next two years it will be presented to the general public and decision-makers worldwide, in several capitals. In 2017, it will be on display at Fair Agra Slovenia (August), Apimondia Congress in Istanbul Turkey (September), United Nations in New Yorku USA (December).

Happening right now …


ID pavilion Bee World




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